The solution presents itself as a dynamic and refined dashboard, wich permits an instant focus on important aspects. The presence of graphs gives you a clear visibility of your units flows, whereas the Annotations & Alerts options give you an individual and responsive follow-up for each transport unit.
It is important to specify that the platform is entirely configurable, for a custom solution that will adapt to your demands.
DeliveryLoop encompass three essential axis for an efficient management of your reusable transport units.

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logo_1 Track & Trace
The Track & Trace axis allows you to :
  • Geolocalize precisely every unit
  • Identify each unit with its specifications (dimensions, serial number, ...)
  • Visualize the events concerning your units (picking, delivering, movements, ...)
  • See a dot map with the concentration of your units
Itinerary Rounds geoptimization
The rounds geoptimization axis allows you to :
  • Calculate automatically the best itinerary (algorithm)
  • To take multiple variables into account (weight, height, maximal truck load, ... )
  • Generate instantly an itinerary sheet (PDF format)
Itinerary Management
The management axis allows you to :
  • Have a clear visibility of all the events and localizations of your transport units
  • Keep a permanent record of the state of your units
  • Configure turnovers for your units (for example: a box leaving the warehouse and coming back = 1 cycle)
  • Set up alerts and notifications depending on the previous turnovers (for example : after 2 cycles = a check-up notification appears)